Get your customized federal student debt analysis.

Today's average public university student with a four-year degree graduates with more than $30,000 in debt. With 30+ loan types and more than 100 repayment solutions, you need an expert that can identify the best repayment plan for your personal situation.

In just minutes, we can discover all of the options available to you:

  • Number One

    Input your basic information and your federal loan information. (Hint: Easily download all of your loan information via your NSLDS file on the Federal Student Aid website.)

  • Number Two

    Answer approximately 25 questions tailored to your unique situation. We use the advanced SLADEā„¢ logic engine to identify all of your qualified options, including potential discharges, repayment plans, rehabilitations and more.

  • Number Three

    Get a customized report tailored to your specific circumstances, including full descriptions of your qualified solutions, items for consideration and detailed steps to implement your solutions.

  • Number Three

    Need extra help? No problem. We can connect you directly to nationally-accredited student loan counselors to assist you with making or implementing your solutions.*

Curious as to what your finished report will include?

This includes a complete analysis of your federal student loan debt that will identify all of your qualified options, including all available payment plans, discharge opportunities, rehabilitation options and more. Your final report will include full solution descriptions, things to consider before making any changes (such as tax implications) and all of the steps you'll need to implement your chosen solution(s).

Need extra help? You can always request additional assistance from a nationally-accredited student loan counselor directly from our application.*

* Please Note: Counseling and implementation services are available from non-profit credit counseling agencies and their student loan counselors. These services are not provided by Student Debt Manager and may require an additional fee.